Anna Marle

What Are In-Ear Monitors?

2021/01/13 02:06 イベント

In-ear monitors are equivalent to studio monitor headphones but with a different design. They sit in the ear canal, instead of the outside of the ear (like over and on-ear headphones).

They are very popular with live musicians who can monitor their singing by listening to themselves while keeping the ability to move. Over-ear headphones are big and conspicuous. You can also use them either in recording or in a casual environment.

In-ear monitor headphones have a lot of benefits for musicians. The engineer sends a monitor mix to each musician. You can hear the levels you need to keep you playing at your top potential. For example, you may wish to hear more of the drummer to keep your timing perfect.

Selecting in-ear monitors

In-ear monitors are great not only for musicians but also for casual listeners. They typically offer a better fit and greater sound isolation, and they sound better than generic earbuds. If you're shopping for in-ear monitors, there are many factors to consider, but in terms of hearing protection, consider how much isolation they provide and decide whether you want universally fitting IEMs or custom-molded monitors. Either way, having IEMs with interchangeable ambient filters is a great option, because you can either have more complete isolation using them as earplugs or put in a passive filter that will attenuate volumes less dramatically depending on the application.

Pro Tip: For musicians who want more information about selecting in-ear monitors and using them wirelessly, check out our “Wireless In-ear Monitor Primer.”